Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bleached Mustache Tee


 I bought this cheap Tee from Wally-World and wanted to do something cute with it that wasn't too CUTE. I mean lets face it. It is for a boy. He isn't going to want something too handmade looking. I wanted to make a mustache on it and I was trying to get away from applique when I came up with this idea. BLEACH!! Super easy and you probably have everything you need.

  • 1. Plain T
  • 2. Spray bottle for Bleach
  • 3. Bleach
  • 4. Sticky back mustache cut outs.
  • 5. Large piece of cardboard

Step one. I drew half a mustache on an old envelope and then cut out two and ran them through the Xyron. There are a few other ways you could do this if you don't have Xyron. You just need a shape that will stick on like a sticker so that the bleach won't seep through. You could use contact paper probably, or spray adhesive.
Step two. Stick the mustache on. I used a ruler to make sure it was strait. Make sure it is stuck on all the way around.
Step three. Put a little bleach and water in a spray bottle. I used 3/4 bleach to 1/4 water. Stick a piece of cardboard in the shirt so that the bleach doesn't bleed through the back. I used an old cake board that I had left over. It fit perfect. Spray the shirt just around the design.
Step four. I used a blow dryer to dry it because I am impatient. Once it is dry it is done. Pull off the stickers and your done.
( I washed mine out in the sink before I laundered it just to get all the bleach out. )

Friday, February 22, 2013

Time for Sympathy

This is a little snippet of something I made the Saturday before last. There was an unexpected death of family of our family and so I wanted to share my support and I made them all cards and made them some homemade muffins. I really wanted to make an appearance because I know how it feels to loose someone close unexpectedly. I know that for me I remember the people that came to me more. I am not saying cards aren't important. I am just saying that nothing beats personal contact. They won't forget it if you go to them because chances are they need you.

I am a big fan of Stampin Up products and most of the paper crafting supplies that I use is Stampin up exspecially cards. I really like Stampin Up's paper because it is nice and sturdy so it feels like a real card and not a homemade one. The houndstooth paper came from an old Stampin up paper pack I had in Taken with Teal, I sponged the edged of the typed paper and ripped it. I used actual water color paper and StaysOn ink for the tree stamp. (Which surprise is Stampin Up "Lovely as a Tree.") I just bought a watercolor paper pad from the art section at Hobby Lobby and I cut it to the size I need. On two of the cards I used the top of the sheet that I had torn out of the spiral and I really like the way they turned out.  I also used some pop dots to pop them up as you can see by the shadowing around it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Little Reading

So this may not be the best way to start a crafting blog, but crafting souls need a little inspiration. Here is a little of mine. I had been thinking that I hadn't done much reading lately well now I am stocked up with more that I can handle. I have read the Hush Hush series by Fitzpatrick and set it aside and just realized there are more books to read so I ordered her third book of the series Silence. I also picked up the bottom two books half price at a thrift store last weekend and the top book I am most looking forward to is a series of books on mermaids. I can't wait to dive into that. Guess I need to get reading. But I also need to get crafting so my next post can be something pretty and crafty to look at.