Sunday, May 2, 2021

Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial

Click on the Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial Picture below to watch my tutorial and click on the pattern for your FREE pattern download so that you can make one with me!!! 

 All you really need to get started is a sewing machine, the pattern, thread, scissors, a few 3 inch strips of fabric that are around 5 inches long. I like using my iron too. Some people prefer to use a quilt seam roller to flatten the seams as you go but I just really like to use my iron. I bought a wool iron mat that I can keep on my desk next to my sewing machine and it works perfect for me. 

When it comes to fabric, this is a great project to use scraps. I used some left over pieces from a quilt I had made. If you have a jelly roll that can work too.

You can purchase foundation paper piecing paper that can be easier to tear off the back of your project when you are finished, but if you are just making small projects typing paper works just fine. I have used typing paper for years and it works just fine. You’ll want to keep your stitch length short, try 1.7 so that the paper will tear off easily when you are done. 

You’ll see in my tutorial that I am using a lamp  to help me see through the paper. You don’t need this to get started but it does make it easier. Use what you have. Do you have a lamp, or a window close to your workstation. I also have used my ceiling light in the past and I would just hold up my piece to the light. It’s a bit fussy, so you may want to purchase a light box if you plan on paper piecing a lot. The light I am actually using is an IKEA light that I had bought for ambience in my living room but  I couldn’t find a place that it belonged so it ended up in my craft room and one day I was sewing and the lightbulb came on literally and figuratively (lol) and now it is my paper piecing lamp. I’m all about using the things you have and thinking outside the box. 

I hope this pattern and tutorial helps you to develop a love for paper piecing or re-ignite the flame that once was. Either way after you make a couple coasters you can feel like a pro and ready to take on another challenge. 

I'd love to see your creations on instagram you can find me @katiecraftymom

Happy Sewing Friends!!!

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