Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nesting Dolls Plush

How cute are these little nesting dolls. I have always loved nesting dolls. That's why they are the inspiration for a collection of designs I have at spoon This is just one of the patterns I designed, there are some coordinating designs the help you with any project you want to make. You can find it in my spoon flower shop here.

They are very simple to sew. Cut each one out and place right sides together. Stitch up the sides and the bottom. Make sure you leave an opening on the bottom. and do not sew shut the box corners until the next step.

Once that is done then you will need to open the fabric and little so that you can line up the seams to look like this...

Then you use need to stitch those closed. That will create a gusset to help the doll stand up. 
All that is left to do is to stuff the doll and and sew the opening at the bottom. 

Happy sewing.