Monday, December 27, 2021

Mini Postage Stamp Paper Pieced Pattern


Click on the pattern for your FREE pattern download so that you can make this Mini Postage stamp quilt block. Before borders this block measures 6 1/2 inches square. I added 2 in borders around it.  

 All you really need to get started is a sewing machine, the pattern, thread, scissors, a few 2 inch strips of fabric. Depending on how many squares you want to make will calculate how much white fabric you will need. You need 18 white 2 inch squares and 4 white 9 by 2 inch strips for borders. 
It is handy to have an iron close to your work station but some people prefer to use a quilt seam roller to flatten the seams as you go. Either way can work just fine. Although if you are using scraps it is best to iron them before cutting out the squares it can help keep you from making errors in your seams. I bought a wool iron mat that I can keep on my desk next to my sewing machine and it works perfect for me. 

When it comes to fabric, this is a great project to use scraps. Since you only need a 2 inch square. You can purchase foundation paper piecing paper that can be easier to tear off the back of your project when you are finished, but if you are just making small projects typing paper works just fine. It is best though to tear off the paper before adding the borders. It can also be helpful to shorten your sewing machines stitch length. This creates more holes in the paper and makes it tear off easily when you are done. 

If your like me and love the tiny quilt blocks but don't like all that detail when it comes to cutting. You may like this pattern as much as me. Or maybe you are just learning how to paper piece then I hope this will help you learn the gist of paper piecing. 

I'd love to see your creations on instagram you can find me @katiecraftymom
Use the hashtag #minipostagequilt

Happy Sewing Friends!!!