Friday, May 5, 2017

My new Spoonflower Collection

I am so excited to introduce my new "Bold and Bright Nesting Dolls" Collection on Spoonflower.
I just got these proofs in the mail. I am very excited about this new collection. There is also a two cut and sew patterns that are going to be in the collection. I will be making tutorials and putting those on my YouTube channel soon.

Honestly this collection started with one simple idea. I wanted to start making my own cloth pads. As I started developing a pattern I noticed that it was the perfect shape of a nesting doll, and from there the idea was born. To say that I jumped on that train and went with it is probably an understatement. One idea led to the next and before I knew it this collection was born.

I still have some video tutorials to make, so stay tuned for more fun things in this collection soon.

If you'd like to shop this collection you can find my Spoonflower shop here.